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          2015: - Residency open from May, apply with aim and CV

              - 7July-9August: Beyond Borders and Frames, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, European artists

                     - August/September/October: MixedMediaLab

                            - Volunteers welcome from April onwards

For 2015 we are planning a European residential project: one month residence, a seminar and exhibitions after that in various venues in Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal and other places. We will brainstorm about new residential concepts and implement one in 2016. Join exciting discussions about art, frames, the position of young artists in Europe, help to stage new cross border exchanges with respect for the initial cultures. Pages under construction. If you want to receive news about the upcoming activities, send us an email at stancoenders@gmail.com

MeetingInZdonov: What: Semi Nomadic residency, Art Residence, Creative Interdisciplinary Laboratory Where: In Zdonov near Adrspach in the Czech Republic. For who: Individuals, Groups, Anyone who wants to try something new far from commercial. Email with aim and scope and a short CV; Since M I Z is mostly running on private money we ask a donation for the organisation. 
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volunteers, new projects, suggestions are welcome, mail meetinginzdonov@gmail.com
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